our clickbank affiliate program


Dear Friend,

Consider our high conversion affiliate program, it is 100% safe and guaranteed by ClickBank. To see the details of the PROGRAM please click here

We offer a fixed payment of $8.00 for each sell. The cookies are 120 day live. We pay same $8.00 for all the return customers’ sells. Massive return sells are inevitable because a single buy is not enough for the entire weight loss course, so most of the customers come back to buy again, and each of them brings you $8.00 more as your direct passive income.

Please note: we sell same products under six (6) different factory brands (because we have contracts with six factories), thus the bottle stickers may be different, though the product is absolutely same and of the same highest quality.

AFFILIATE MATERIALS: the banners of different sizes are all professionally made by first class designers, such banners lead clients to direct buys and higher conversion. Please download the banners below. Feel free to change size if needed.

We ship FREE and deliver the products in FIVE DAYS (from 2 to 5 depending on the distance). Our fast delivery makes the customers come back again. We ship by UPS and US Priority Mail only, clients are happy with such reliable postal services. FREE SHIPPING policy includes 49 states of the USA. Other countries shipping may require additional shipping costs.

We also guarantee TAX FREE delivery for the entire USA. Customers pay PRODUCT ONLY, they never pay for anything additionally. That is another reason why most of them come back and buy thus doubling the profit for our affiliates. Participating in our Affiliate Program is free and fully guaranteed by ClickBank rules and terms.

PAYMENT: we pay directly through ClickBank under their respectable rules and supervision, it is a 100% guaranteed and fully proved payment provided by ClickBank directly to your account.

ADDITIONALLY, in case you are interested to register with us the B2B way please send us an email, we pay to our direct B2B affiliates 2 times a month (day 14 and day 28 of every month) to PayPal accounts, also we can pay by Bank Wire, by Check, Western Union, Money Gram, Skrill, and Payoneer. Also we pay to American bank accounts from our Bank Of America account directly.

Please do not hesitate contacting emailing to our Administrator Alexander Mirsky admin@anaglowary.com or alexdestinations@gmail.com and he will help you with your payment options as well as with any other information concerning to our Affiliate Program. Thank you.




Best Regards,
Alex Romm
product and program manager