Paint Protective Foil Wax Scratch Removal Coating And Paint Care Wind Erosion Protection

Item Height: 9
Model Name: 2312
Item Width: 11.2
Special Features: car paint care
External Testing Certification: CE
Item Volume: 800ML
Item Length: 11.2
Item Type: Paint Protective Foil
Material Type: wax
Item Diameter: 11.2
Item Weight: 0.3


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Paint protective foil wax Clear Paint Scratch the car Wax paint Coating car paint care with Sponge brush high quality
1:Car paint surface to form a hard coating
2:Against the snow and wind erosion
3:Clean all kinds of paint stains
4:Enhanced gloss
5:Anti UV Anti acid rain Anti pollution
Net weight  300g

How to use:
1. Wash Wash Wax and Water Mixing and Dilution Water Sponge for cleaning car from top to Bottom.
2. After cleaning, remove with clean water.
3. After waiting for the car wash clean, Press Holder Sponge evenly covered with White Wax Loop Erased.
4. When the product is solid, polish the paint with a soft towel; coverage of multiple appliances has a stronger effect and such a coverage serves for much longer time.


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